When to Get a Roof Replacement

Any homeowner must realize that there will be an irreversible deterioration of any roof, hence, a need for a replacement. Even if it did not experience a severe roof weather damage, a daily exposure to sunlight will eventually wear out a roof.

What determines the longevity is the type of material used to cover your home. In detail, asphalt shingles are expected to last up to 25 years, whereas, a quality metal roof would last for 50 years or longer. Therefore, every home will necessitate a roof replacement by the time it reaches its maximum lifespan. When that time comes, a need to hire an expert contractor is just as vital. The roof needs careful and accurate installation which could only be done by someone who has an expertise in doing so and not just merely someone who can perfunctorily do the job not minding accuracy.

If you suspect your roof may be damaged, contact 5280 Creative Construction Solutions team at 303-816-9285 or fill out our form by clicking THIS and have someone call you. As you already know, we are always here to help you avoid nasty surprises, and maintain a fully-functioning, healthy roofing system for your home, no matter what nature throws you.

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