If your home has recently suffered from a damaging hailstorm, one thing that would enter your mind is the severity of hail damage. Potential destruction to shingles, chimneys, and other roofing structures can’t be shunned when this weather phenomenon occurs.  If not inspected, this might result to more serious problems later on like roof leaks. So, it is important to have an insurance adjuster inspect your home not only to have all the damages repaired but to answer all your concerns as well. Surprisingly, a number of homeowners get confused regarding some insurance concerns at times. Debunking these mistaken beliefs are the facts presented below.

  1. My roof has no hail damage because there are no visible issues.

 Even if your roof seemed to be fine with no visible hail damage, your roof needs to be inspected by a qualified adjuster to make sure that your roof is indeed free from any problems. The adjuster will check every part of your roof thoroughly. They will also inspect the gutters and downspouts to ensure that they are functioning properly. Be aware that hail damage is not always visible. There might be damages on your roof without you knowing, so it is always wise to have an expert check the area.

  1. I don’t need professional intervention because the shingles are intact.

 It is common to find shingles scattered around after a storm intensified by wind and hail. Albeit this usually occurs when there is a significant amounts of wind, it doesn’t mean a heavy rain can’t cause issues as well. Any strong impact on your shingles can damage your roof, hail stones for example. The probability of hail damage or other roofing problems is strong if sandy substance is seen in your gutters and downspouts.

  1. Insurance will cover all types of damage anytime.

 Yes, insurance companies do provide coverage. However, it is important to take action as early as possible. Homeowners are only given a specific amount of time to have their homes inspected for damages. Be sure to have a clear understanding about your insurance company’s window time by speaking to your agent in order to be aware of what to do. Furthermore, some roofing contractors include a clause in the contract that nullifies warranty depending on specific causes and types of damage. Having that in mind, it is always recommended to discuss all your concerns with the company when necessary.

  1. Rates will stay low if a claim is not filed.

 A lot of homeowners think that rates won’t increase if a claim is not filed. So, some end up not filing an insurance claim after a storm because of this belief. This is not true. Increase can still occur whether a claim is filed or not. For instance, if your area suffered from hail damage, anyone in that vicinity can experience changes in their insurance rates.

Hail damage can be very damaging to your roof. It doesn’t only ruin your shingles but other parts of your house as well. As soon as the storm is over, have your home assessed for damages in order to proceed with necessary repairs.

If your roof is storm damaged, we will help you with both the claim process and the repair process. Just call us at 303-816-9285 or fill out our form now  and have someone call you. 

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