Have you ever dealt with frozen gutters?

In reality, a lot of people seldom think about ice in gutters until it begins to give them problems. Gutters serve as a catch basin to rainwater and melted ice directing them away from the house. They function well as long as they are maintained the right way. However, during snow season, they tend to freeze into solid blocks of ice. Thus, when accumulation continues, it may result to leakage inside your home. In fact, in some places, residential and commercial properties lose a considerable amount of money due this problem. And apart from this, it may also create other problems such as displaced roof shingles, water-stained ceilings, damaged plaster, and many more. But you know what? There are actually effective methods to avoid dripping water into your house. Just keep on reading to know more.

Stop Ice Formation in Gutters

Of course, no one would want to climb and go after a block of ice with an axe or hammer and end up doing more harm than help to your gutters. But the thing is, doing nothing is also synonymous to allowing ice build-up which could later result to an ice dam. If you are having that dilemma, here are some tricks that might work for you.

Install a Heating Panel System

A lot of experts when it comes to roofing and gutters recommend the use of a heat tape to prevent future freezes. Heat tape is a cable that has heating elements to prevent clogged gutters and

downspouts. A heating panel system is needed in areas with a frequent snowfall to warm the metal or plastic gutters, thus, getting rid of ice accumulation. When resorting to this method, it is important to turn the cable on just before an expected snowfall for best results.

Heat cables are very safe to use. It is an effective method to address many problems associated with frozen gutters and ice dams. But be aware that this only works to prevent ice build-up in your gutters, not to a gutter already filled with ice.

The Use of Calcium Chloride

 If your gutters are partially iced, this might be a good trick worth to try but with consequences. Just put calcium chloride and the problem will be solved, right? It should be that simple but there are many things to consider. Majority of ice-melting solutions like calcium chloride will certainly help in de-icing the accumulation, but they also have consequences. Although effective, it may cause staining of the shingles and could also lead to corrosion of the gutters.

Does it mean you can’t use calcium chloride to melt the ice? The thing is, you really have to think about the pros and cons carefully. Do benefits outweigh the disadvantages? If you were to utilize ice-melter products, you would be doing so at your own sole risk and responsibility.

Frozen gutters can be so annoying, expensive, and even dangerous problem. So, it is essential to protect your home against the scourge of ice. You can also contact 5280 Creative Construction Solutions team at 303-816-9285 or fill out our form to help you address this problem. 

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